CFP: Gendered and Sexual Aging in the History and Culture of Medicine

Contributions are invited for a special edition of a high-quality interdisciplinary journal on the topic of “Gendered and Sexual Aging in the History and Culture of Medicine”. This special edition forms part of the grant activities of Associate Professor Alison M. Downham Moore in the Australian Research Council Discovery project: Sexual Aging in the History of Medicine.

The journal special edition will be edited both by Associate Professor Moore who a historian of European and global medicine at Western Sydney University and by Professor Sarah Lamb who is Barbara Mandel Professor of Humanistic Social Sciences Professor of Anthropology and Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies at Brandeis University.

Researchers from the humanities, social sciences and medical sciences are invited to propose papers for inclusion in this special edition which will be proposed, in the first instance, to the Cambridge University Press interdisciplinary journal Ageing and Society on the basis of the abstracts proposed.

Proposals are particularly welcome that engage with medicine from other disciplinary perspectives in relation to questions of gender or sexuality and aging, in particular history of medicine or biology, medical anthropology, philosophy of the medical sciences, sociology of medicine, literary, art, music or theatre studies engaging with medicine, as well as forms of medical research or gerontology that engage with humanistic or social scientific scholarship.

Possible contributions may focus (though not exclusively) on themes such as:

  • Biomedical and cultural concepts of menopause, andropause, climacterics or critical ages
  • Specific diseases (contagious or noncontagious, chronic or acute, past or present) that have been thought to effect one sex or gender in particular
  • Concepts of sex/gender in relation to aging in non Western medical traditions
  • Questions of mortality and life expectancy that are sex- or gender-specific
  • Transgender, transsexual, intersex or nonbinary aging questions in medicine
  • Intersections of race, indigeneity, or ethnicity, in relation to gender and aging in medicine
  • Concepts of sexual function or pleasure in relation to aging, gender, and sexuality
  • Ideas about sex steroid hormones and aging
  • Cultural comparison of attitudes to gender and medicine in older people

To indicate your interest please send to special edition editors Alison Downham Moore and Sarah Lamb  before May 1st 2021 your proposed article title and abstract (500-600 words), along with your full name, details of your academic or research position, and professional webpage.

If invited to submit your full paper, you will be notified by May 15th 2021. The due date for the contributors’ final submissions will be before November 1st 2021. Papers must be between 3000-9000 words (not including references).

Authors are expected to write their papers in English, but those submitted in French or German will also be considered and if accepted, translated into English by A/Prof Downham Moore. Scholars writing in English as a non-native language who require editing support to ensure fluent scholarly prose are also welcome to propose papers, indicating their need for such support from the outset. Doctoral candidates are welcome to submit proposals if they are in the final stages of their research.

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